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Our charity SATI Saccakiriya (registered charitable company no: 10901715) has been established to set up an innovative meditation centre in England (UK), which will be based on the notion of ‘Act of Truth’ to promote the importance of performing good deeds.

Through running various meditation courses, residential retreats and associated activities, Saccakiriya Meditation Centre will serve the local community, society and wider world, by inspiring meditators to actively engage in helping themselves and others. Meditation not only allows us to better ourselves through improved mental wellbeing and positivity, but by extension allows us to spread our resulting sense of compassion to many others.

Although meditation is often perceived as resulting from Buddhist tradition, Saccakiriya Meditation Centre will welcome people from all walks of life regardless of creed, culture, background, faith/religion or any other type of ‘category’ –  we bring all people together as one. With an additional special interest in psychology, Saccakiriya Meditation Centre will be engaged in researching different aspects of transpersonal psychology as well.


If you would like to make a kind contribution to our noble cause, any donation from you would be highly appreciated.



Chetak is director and founder of SATI Saccakiriya, responsible for the core concepts, ideas and developments of the project. Currently studying PhD in Psychology within the specialist areas of Parapsychology and Buddhism at the University of Northampton, Chetak is qualified with several degrees including B.A. Psychology, MA Psychology, M.B.S. Masters in Buddhist Studies and MPhil in Pali and Buddhist Studies, from various Universities around the world. Chetak has contributed various academic papers to his areas of study, and received several awards for his outstanding contributions to causes such as the much-celebrated Meditation Society at the University of Northampton. In addition to being a serious academic and meditator, Chetak’s personal interests include playing tabla, sitar and flute, playing sports and speaking several languages.

The Saccakiriya Centre will be located in England, UK.

We are registered as a charitable company SATI Saccakiriya