The Meditation Society of the University of Northampton Inspiring Many to Lead Happy Life!

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Being the founder and President of the Meditation Society at the University of Northampton, UK, I understand the responsibility of being an instructor and mentor for our prospective members. One needs lot of passion and motivation for the success. I believe that I have represented Meditation Society very well throughout last three years by taking lot of efforts for the various events I organised and made them successful. Along with it, I also ensured that our members will always feel comfortable with all us like we are a family.

Since I started this beautiful group, I have promoted Meditation Society though Union Days, Cultural Days, etc. I myself booked the table, room, etc. and I was always present there in promoting and recruiting members. Along with this, I was always posting on our social media and sending emails through Northampton Union website so that members get informed about the events and receive timely updates. I was also responsible most of the times to teach meditations in sessions and along with it at the end, I satisfied queries of our members effectively as well. I also offered to counsel to the members whenever they are in need. Students always come to me with their daily issues, sometimes they are so emotional and can’t stop crying. In these occasions, I gone beyond my responsibilities and helped them to settle down with compassionate efforts. For me, helping people is my biggest goal in life and I keep it reflective in the running of Meditation Society as well.

The paramount life changing impact one can get from meditation is improved mental health. I got feedback from many members on many occasions that when they come to the session, in the beginning, they are mostly stressed or negative but after meditation, they can see their impurities of mind diminishing eventually and they are feeling more happy and relaxed. This mindset also stays with them for coming days after our session. For me, this is very miraculous and I feel so glad that because of my efforts, our member are smiling.

I have also encouraged our members to help us in setting meditation sessions so that they can develop skills of team work and leadership. My committee members are very confident with developed communication skills and now our attendees are very much insightful about their lives and daily issues. This is the biggest help we can offer to them – to be independent and responsible for their own happiness. On many occasions, I also invited members to offer meditation to get an experience of teaching meditation and actively inspired them to run for an upcoming committee positions.

I have also gone beyond the call of duty by offering meditation beyond the boundaries of University. I have helped local organisations and communities in Northampton with Mindfulness meditation and I am also feeding homeless friends every Sunday evening at the town. General population around Northampton are now coming to my sessions and getting immense benefits from my efforts. I have also been invited by Changemaker Hub at the University of Northampton several times to offer special sessions for staff and students for stress release. As such, I am ever ready to dedicate a considerable amount of time and efforts for the benefits of the population around me by offering different meditations.

I am always keen on inspiring everyone I meet to understand and experience the path of meditation because it is an active tool to achieve peace and happiness.

I consider all my efforts of UoN Meditation Society as my good deed. I am very hopeful and happy to share my good deeds for the success of Saccakiriya. I believe that Saccakiriya will change the world – because being good is happiness. I urge whole human population to contribute for inspiring the world to make difference by taking practical actions of good deeds within oneself, and for all.

Thank You,

Chetak Nangare

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